In-Home Breastfeeding Support

  • Want a completely personalized breastfeeding class in your home?
  • Can’t find a hospital breastfeeding class to fit into your schedule?
  • Don’t want to talk about breastfeeding with a group of strangers?
  • Just want a refresher for Baby #2 and a second chance at breastfeeding success?

You can hire me to come to your home and teach a personalized class for you and your partner, including all the standardized topics plus special in-depth information tailored just for you.

Package 1:   Private Breastfeeding Class.

  • In-home class tailored to your needs, whether you’re completely new to breastfeeding a baby, you’d like to understand what affects your success or you’ve had breast surgery.  You will learn all that is taught in hospital classes in your own home, and more customized information for your breastfeeding relationship.

Package 2: Private Breastfeeding Class & Post-partum visit.

  • In-home class as described above and we’ll schedule a visit for after baby arrives.  We can review latching, positions, “getting enough” when baby is in your arms, not your belly.  Treatment for sore nipples, gassy babies, swaddling (or not) and any questions you might have.  Getting support early is crucial to successful breastfeeding.

Package 3: Private Breastfeeding Class & Post-partum visit with nutrition counseling.

  • In-home class, post-partum visit and breastfeeding-specific nutrition counseling.   This package includes all of the above, and specific information on nutrition for mom and the whole family.  May include meal planning, restricting foods for temporary relief for baby or increasing certain foods – called galactagogues – to help with milk production.

Call to schedule or send an email with what you need.